Friends of the White Salmon

P.O. Box 382, Trout Lake, WA  98650 - friendsofthewhitesalmon at gorge dot net



The mission of Friends of the White Salmon River is to protect the river and its shoreline habitat,
and to restore to the river naturally reproducing anadromous fish populations.

History and Accomplishments

The Friends of the White Salmon River was organized in 1976 to successfully save the river from the
construction of 7 dams proposed by the Klickitat County Public Utility District. In the 1990’s, members
testified at the FERC hearings in support of the removal of Condit Dam, a necessary step for the return
of anadromous fish populations. The organization was a signatory to the agreement on removing the Dam.

In 2005, the Upper White Salmon River was designated a Wild and Scenic River. This was another
achievement of the Friends, realized after years of work with congressmen and senators.

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